Modem router FAQ

Are upgrades necessary?

Look at the modem’s DOCSIS version number to find out whether upgrades are necessary. If your modem is 3.0 or newer, then you do not need upgrades. However, if you have an old modem version, upgrading to 3.1 will be advantageous.

Does my modem router support my ISP?

tg23werf6vhye8di22It is possible to determine this by looking at the following things: modem manufacturer website, ISP’s website, and the place you live. Your country, or region to a given extent, determine whether it is legal to have a 3rd party modem other than the one provided by your Internet Service Provider. The ISP’s website you can inform you about the compatible models. If you do not find your modem/router combo not on the list, you should not despair. You can contact the modem manufacturer to find out whether it supports your ISP.

Do a lot of users affect the network performance?

The number of users on the network affects though slightly. For instance, when many users are downloading files connected to your network through the router or modem, the overall speed decreases. Thus, the bandwidth of your modem router and the number of people that access the network at any particular time will have an impact.

Are warranties important?

It is a good idea to get a warranty when you purchase electronic devices. Always choose a good modem router combo that has a good warranty. You can also decide to purchase new or refurbished ones. As far as quality is concerned, you should purchase a brand-new device. However, if scratches and weak performance do not worry you, then you can just buy a used or a refurbished product. This is mainly dependent on what you are ready to spend and what you expect.

What about renting?

tg23wedf7cuj8edi22It is possible to rent a modem router combo directly through your ISP. This is not recommended because of the high charges involved. Also, ISPs do not upgrade their devices. Instead, they continue to support those particular models for many years. Thus, you are better off by purchasing a third party modem router. Renting a device is likely to cost you a lot more than going for the upfront purchase.

The above are some of the frequently asked questions about buying modem router combo. They offer useful insights about what to consider and why it is necessary to upgrade.…


For every business, big or small, having a point of sale (POS) is a great asset. It will be like having your driving force working behind the scenes, making sure everything is working efficiently and fast. You do not need to put a lot of efforts to steer your brand in the right direction.

According to experts and those who have firsthand experience with POS system for small business, you will need it to run your business in the right way. It gives you an easy way to meet your customers’ expectations and be assured of business growth.

Advantages of a point of sale for your business

It saves on your time

There is nothing that could save your time better than a POS. You will increase the pace of your checkout process, instantly update your inventory and process your payroll with a single click. Since you are centralizing all your activities, you will no longer spend time searching for a specific transaction.


You will always be in the know

It does not matter what you want to know about your business; it will all be at your disposal. Sales reports, inventory tracking, monitoring employee attendance, the rate of sales turn out and so much more will be a click away from your attention. Anytime, anywhere you will be able to know what is happening with your business.

With such prompt updates, you will always make the right decisions at the right time. There is no longer waiting for things to go wrong to react; you can see a small problem before it can affect your operations.

Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For any business, retail or otherwise, the most important factor is the customer. If you could get a way to meet all your customers. Expectations; that is all it will take to see your business grow in tenfold. With POS, you get the chance to track your customer needs, preferences and tastes. You even have a chance to group them according to their demands and priorities. With such ability at your disposal, you will be able to seamlessly manage your customers and keep them on your side at all times.

It is cost effective

You will no longer need a large sales task force to keep track of your activities. You can now bank on an automated system that knows what is happening in every corner of your business. In all these, you will save on operational costs and have high-profit margins.


It gives your business mobility

You do not have to be fixed in one place to keep your business on the check. With a system that gives you mobility, you can move everywhere and find new customers. You can take your service to all the people wherever they are.

There is no doubt that your business would gain so much if you acquired a point of sale system. The reasons discussed here should be proof enough that this is the right way to follow. With the system, it has never been so easy to satisfy customers and has all information at your palm.…


After spending a lot of money on your laptop computer, you are not done spending yet. You will need to consider some laptop accessories to make your package complete.

Laptop accessories

Laptop bag/case

tgwedcv6ywed7u2829o22As a new member of mobile computing, you should make an oath of safe computing. This starts with purchasing useful laptop accessories. The first one should be a laptop bag. You cannot move from one place to another with your computer laptop exposed to harsh elements. You can spend an estimated amount of $30 for a bag that is made from quality materials. The most vital thing is whether your laptop bag can hold the laptop and other goodies you need while on the move.


Sometimes your laptop will come with the basic software programs. If it does not have the essential software you need to install them. Do not assume that you have everything that you need. You will have to add some software programs and update others that are obsolete.

Real USB mouse

Eraser nubs and trackpads can fill the obvious need. However, the majority of the users will want a real mouse. In any case, you will note the majority of places you will be computing are ideally for a real mouse. Thus, an important laptop accessory you can purchase is a USB mouse, have it in your bag and use it when needed.

Cat5 Ethernet cable

When you get to the hotel room, the built-in port may not work as required. Some hotels provide Ethernet cables, while others do not. It is advisable to be always prepared to have the appropriate cable.

Disposable cleansing cloths

With time, the display of your laptop is going to be dusty or smudgy. If you decide to clean your laptop display with spray cleaners and paper towels, it is like playing casino with your laptop. Rather, you should use disposable cleansing cloths. They are essential accessories, which are meant to clean your laptop display.

USB drive

wedft6vcgw3e7dfcu28i2This is a storage device, which is nearly the size of your thumb and can be plugged directly into the USB port. They are available starting from 1GB to 64GB. They play a vital role in transferring files from one computer to another. Also, it can be used as a temporary backup medium for useful files you create.

Stereo headset

Watching DVD movies and listening to music is possible with a quality headset no matter where you are. Whenever listening or watching music in public, ensure you use your headphones.…


There is unending debate whether to do repair yourself or seek services of a reputable computer repair company. This argument goes forth and back, and it is likely to continue that way for quite long. In this post, you will learn some important reasons for using services of a computer repair firm.

Why you should hire a computer repair firm


tg23wedf6cvyw7edu822With a professional computer repair firm, you are assured of a minimum standard as far as service is concerned. The majority of these service companies do insist on minimum qualification for their employees. In turn, they deliver great quality work. You will find it quite rare for them to carry out shoddy work. Moreover, there is accountability on their part.

Use of modern tools

A professional computer repair shop will have the most advanced tools and equipment in working on your computer. This means that the work is systematically processed to offer help that is afforded by latest tools to give the most productive output. You will find tools that can help bring out the productivity of employees. It is only professionals that can use such tools. Also, there is also saving cost or even time that is taken to repair your faulty computers.


You should note that computer repair firms follow certain ways and paths. Also, all the payments are acknowledged with a receipt, and the spares do have the stamp of genuineness. Usually, professionals will not want to sully their good reputation with the use of spurious parts. A reputable company will address any problem that is related to repair works. The majority of companies are situated in prominent areas that can help you easy findings in the areas.

Backup systems

t2vgedf6vyhwed7fu28i292o2It is an accepted practice for the majority of computer repair companies to provide systems to replace the equipment, which is taken for the repairs. This ensures break free operation. It is possible to back up vital data and information as far as the system is taken for the repairs. Such facility is less likely to be provided by a regular computer repair shop. You should note that data is very important to any particular business.

Standard practices

It is accepted by most computer repair companies to follow certain business practices. In fact, they do not rely on just a single customer to make the sales and a pattern of billing or other businesses activities. The majority of these businesses insist on minimum standard as far as operations are concerned.…