In a recent survey by HubSpot, 52% of consumers use videos to make purchase decisions. Other studies place that figures as high as 65%. This is twice as much as those who read blogs. Now, these statistics should set you thinking about why you should consider using videos for your marketing endeavors. If that is your line of
thinking, here are video marketing benefits you will get by getting the help of Explainer Video.

Video marketing is popular

It is no longer a secret for a few businesses, to know that consumers are watching more videos than a few years back. Turning your attention to video marketing could see your brand benefit from the ongoing customer migration.With the right videos, you can increase your customer base by at least 50% rate. That is the magical strategy you must have been looking for, and now it is within your grasp.

Other marketing strategies

Using videos will not require an overhaul of your already in place marketing strategies. It can fit in well with all other content marketing methods. In fact, it will boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your general marketing approach. That is why major brands are incorporating videos into their marketing efforts to make it even stronger.

Boost customer conversion

Of all the marketing strategies, videos have the highest probability of conversion. It is easy to watch videos and understand the message. With videos, you can bring more customers to your business website. Once they are there, you can easily convert them to be loyal buyers.

Search engines highly rank videos

Search any query on Google and see what shows up on the first page. Videos will be up there before you get into any other format of content. Using videos for your business marketing campaign will guarantee you top result searches on different search engines. This is the kind of exposure you would want.

With video you build trust

Building trust is the foundation to getting more customers on your side and driving more sales. One easy way to build it is through videos. You get a chance to tell viewers of your story and give them a reason to identify with you. Tell a story that they can identify with and fully understand what your brand stands for regarding people relations. The most trusted brands use videos not only to market their products and services but also to address issues that could damage their reputation.

Video incites social media shares

Have you ever wondered why videos attract a lot of shares?
It is because no one wants to see a great thing along. With marketing videos, you get a chance to positively incite people to share them on social media. You will get huge traffic flow from such sharing.If you are yet to subscribe into video marketing,you cannot begin to count on how much you are missing. Your business stands to gain enormously from the use of videos to tell your brand story. Make the decision today and let customers come to you. B…