For every business, big or small, having a point of sale (POS) is a great asset. It will be like having your driving force working behind the scenes, making sure everything is working efficiently and fast. You do not need to put a lot of efforts to steer your brand in the right direction.

According to experts and those who have firsthand experience with POS system for small business, you will need it to run your business in the right way. It gives you an easy way to meet your customers’ expectations and be assured of business growth.

Advantages of a point of sale for your business

It saves on your time

There is nothing that could save your time better than a POS. You will increase the pace of your checkout process, instantly update your inventory and process your payroll with a single click. Since you are centralizing all your activities, you will no longer spend time searching for a specific transaction.


You will always be in the know

It does not matter what you want to know about your business; it will all be at your disposal. Sales reports, inventory tracking, monitoring employee attendance, the rate of sales turn out and so much more will be a click away from your attention. Anytime, anywhere you will be able to know what is happening with your business.

With such prompt updates, you will always make the right decisions at the right time. There is no longer waiting for things to go wrong to react; you can see a small problem before it can affect your operations.

Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For any business, retail or otherwise, the most important factor is the customer. If you could get a way to meet all your customers. Expectations; that is all it will take to see your business grow in tenfold. With POS, you get the chance to track your customer needs, preferences and tastes. You even have a chance to group them according to their demands and priorities. With such ability at your disposal, you will be able to seamlessly manage your customers and keep them on your side at all times.

It is cost effective

You will no longer need a large sales task force to keep track of your activities. You can now bank on an automated system that knows what is happening in every corner of your business. In all these, you will save on operational costs and have high-profit margins.


It gives your business mobility

You do not have to be fixed in one place to keep your business on the check. With a system that gives you mobility, you can move everywhere and find new customers. You can take your service to all the people wherever they are.

There is no doubt that your business would gain so much if you acquired a point of sale system. The reasons discussed here should be proof enough that this is the right way to follow. With the system, it has never been so easy to satisfy customers and has all information at your palm.…

AMtech is a plastic model manufacturer committed to bringing the hobbyist quality plastic model kits of unique and important subjects at affordable prices.

The Nose Knows! EC-135 ARIA/ALOTS in 1/72 scale

[Boxart – click to enlarge]
Our latest release is almost here: the EC-135N/E ARIA/ ALOTS version of the KC-135, the fantastically ugly “Droop-Snoot” or “Snoopy Nose”. A version of the ERTL KC-135 kit that was never released!
The kit’s release has been delayed approximately four weeks. The delay is due to AMtech having some resin parts designed and manufactured for the kit to ensure greater accuracy. These parts consist of the “doghouse” SATCOM housing atop the fuselage, needed for two of the versions in the kit, and a correction in the fuel dump area. We think these really add a nice touch to the kit, and are very easy to build in. There will be no increase in price from the stated MSRP of $44.98.

AMtech is also using this time to do something a little special. We have expanded the instructions to include a detailed, photo-illustrated section on how to strengthen the inner/outer lower wing panel joint and avoid the “droop” that eventually all the KC-135 kits exhibit. This is due to an effort by AMT to use the thinnest plastic possible in that area. While laudable, it means that eventually the outer wing panel will droop simply due to the weight of the plastic. This section was written and illustrated by well-known modeler, Chuck Davenport, who also happen to have been a former EC-135 crewmember!

We are also including a section on the operational use of the EC-135, to include descriptions of missions, etc., by former crewmembers. Finally, through a call from a former crew chief, we’ve learned that a KC-135A was modified as the test bird for the ALOTS pod. Thus, if you build one of the EC’s without the pod, you can use the pod and mounting door to modify one of you’re A-model kits to make the test bird. We are awaiting a photo of that aircraft to include in the new section.

Only 5000 kits of this kit have been produced. If you want one, be sure to get it EARLY, because we will NOT make any more.

More Info

P-40F/L Merlin “Long-tail”

The P-40F/L Merlin-engined long-tail has also been delayed by about four weeks. This is frankly due to production delays on the resin nose. No problems. Just delays. However, we are sure you are going to be extremely pleased with the results!! This nose is the most accurate Merlin engine cowl EVER done. The nose is designed specifically to match the panels of the AMtech and AMT kits. We will post some photos soon to show how it fits the kit. Price for the kit, including the new resin nose, is only $24.98! And the kit includes markings for:
“Ace of Pearls”, a Tuskeegee Airman bird from 99th FS
“Stud”, the famous all-black with red trim ac from the 325th FG, the “Checkertails”
“Veronica”, an aircraft of the 86thFS, 79th FG. This aircraft actually has TWO different schemes. One is the standard desert scheme of Sand, Dark Earth, and Azure blue. The other is quite unique! The fuselage was repainted entirely Dark Green in Italy, leaving the wings and the horizontal stabs in Sand and Dark Earth, and the underwings Azure. VERY interesting bird!
Kittyhawk II of Squadron Leader Brian Eaton, No. 3 Sq. RAAF, in Italy. Not only does it have colorful nose art, but the aircraft was repainted in Dark Earth and Dark Green, quite different for P-40L’s.
AMtech will eventually sell the nose by itself as a conversion kit for those wishing to modify either the AMT short-tail P-40F, or a P-40E into an F. Price will be $10, including shipping within the United States, and will be available exclusively from AMtech. You can order via PayPal using …