If you own a PC, most of the spaces on your hard disks are not always available to you. In fact, suppose you took a peek behind the scenes, you will realize that most of the spaces on your hard-disk are occupied by random cache-files. What are cache files anyway? Well, cache files are files that are non-permanent and are usually kept hidden in your computer until the time when they might be needed again by your computer. Their importance is that they help to boost the performance of your computer. However, they have a major downside; they will occupy a lot of memory space on your computer. Always take time to clean your webcache by google history cleaning. Below are some of the common window cache files that should always be cleared.

Web Browser Cache

Whenever you visit a webpage using your computer, your browser will add that webpage to the browser’s cache. This is very good because the next time you visit that page, it will load very fast. However, this can also cause problems to your computer. This is because should the website change; the site will not work properly because your computer will be loading outdated cached data. The cached files will also be occupying a lot of memory space for nothing.

Update Cache

Windows usually have to keep a cache of all its update files. These files usually come in handy when your computer needs to reapply the update. However, this is usually annoying since these files take up a lot of space. Windows update can use up to 24 GB of your memory space. Even after the update is applied, these files don’t clear themselves. You, therefore, need a software that will help you to clear and free up this space Imagine what you could do with 24 GB of space.

Temp Files Cache

Windows and other operating systems usually come with directories that are dedicated to storing files that are temporary. These temporary files hold temporary data that are needed for a little while by programs. Unfortunately, most programs don’t clean up after themselves. The system directory will thus become cluttered with a whole bunch of junks that are unnecessary. These files will thus need to be deleted.

Thumbnail Cache

Operating systems usually come with settings that will allow you to thumbnail file previews. Whenever you encounter files for the first time, your operating system will have to generate thumbnails for it. This will slow down the performance of your computer. These thumbnails also have to be stored somewhere, resulting in the usage of memory space. Clearing this cache will thus be important.