dashboard can for your car

Most vehicles owners are adding this new features in their cars, and that is the dashboard camera. The dash camera it’s just the same as the recording device the difference will be the intended use of the camera. It comes in handy in case of an accident because it will be able to outline how the events took place. It will record the journey from the beginning to the end. If you have plans of buying the camera, then you need to know what you should be looking for. Below is a list of the ultimate guide when buying a car dashboard camera.

The storage capacity

storage capacityAny recording device that will have the most massive recording space will be the best. Be sure when at the store that you ask about the storage space that the car dashboard camera will have. Typically what will help the dashboard camera to have more storage space is the micro disc.

If you are considering the storage space, then an ideal capacity will be 30 GB. But that does not mean that all dashboards have a capacity of 30GB, there is more than that because some will have even 120GB. It will depend on how long you will be using the car, and after you are done, you may need to delete some unwanted footages.

Audio recording capacity

There are some of the cases when an accident occurs the sound will be needed. Many dashboard cameras don’t have this features, but some will have. The only problem with the dashboard that has the fitted audio ability it’s that they will occupy a lot of space. The best one that you should choose is the one that will have the ability to record particular type of sounds like when they are cases of the gunshots and if an accident was to occur then the boom sound will be helpful.

The video quality

quality of the videoBefore purchasing the car dashboard camera then you should be sure of the quality of the video that you will be getting. The common once in the market will have a video quality of HD780. For you to get the best quality, don’t rely on the HD alone, but the cam should have a resolution that will be up to 50megapixels.

The view that the camera should have it should be broad field view so that it will be able to capture all events. The degree of the picture should be 150 degrees. For the best car dashboard camera, visit www.dashcamsafety.com.