Modem router FAQ

Are upgrades necessary?

Look at the modem’s DOCSIS version number to find out whether upgrades are necessary. If your modem is 3.0 or newer, then you do not need upgrades. However, if you have an old modem version, upgrading to 3.1 will be advantageous.

Does my modem router support my ISP?

tg23werf6vhye8di22It is possible to determine this by looking at the following things: modem manufacturer website, ISP’s website, and the place you live. Your country, or region to a given extent, determine whether it is legal to have a 3rd party modem other than the one provided by your Internet Service Provider. The ISP’s website you can inform you about the compatible models. If you do not find your modem/router combo not on the list, you should not despair. You can contact the modem manufacturer to find out whether it supports your ISP.

Do a lot of users affect the network performance?

The number of users on the network affects though slightly. For instance, when many users are downloading files connected to your network through the router or modem, the overall speed decreases. Thus, the bandwidth of your modem router and the number of people that access the network at any particular time will have an impact.

Are warranties important?

It is a good idea to get a warranty when you purchase electronic devices. Always choose a good modem router combo that has a good warranty. You can also decide to purchase new or refurbished ones. As far as quality is concerned, you should purchase a brand-new device. However, if scratches and weak performance do not worry you, then you can just buy a used or a refurbished product. This is mainly dependent on what you are ready to spend and what you expect.

What about renting?

tg23wedf7cuj8edi22It is possible to rent a modem router combo directly through your ISP. This is not recommended because of the high charges involved. Also, ISPs do not upgrade their devices. Instead, they continue to support those particular models for many years. Thus, you are better off by purchasing a third party modem router. Renting a device is likely to cost you a lot more than going for the upfront purchase.

The above are some of the frequently asked questions about buying modem router combo. They offer useful insights about what to consider and why it is necessary to upgrade.…