For anyone who owns a recording studio, they know to get the best recording sound the microphone that they own is the main ingredient. It is, therefore, essential that one has basic knowledge of the microphones that are available in the market as they plan to purchase some for their recording studio. With hundreds of brands, models of microphones being sold it can be difficult and frustrating for one to know which microphone to purchase. Below are some tips that will help the process.

Purchasing studio microphones

Consider your need

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To begin with, one needs to evaluate their need. What instruments does one have in the studio that they will be recording, which among them will be the most often used? This will help one get the microphones that best fit to record the sounds of the particular instruments. Likewise, one needs to consider microphones for the vocals of the performers who will be recording. Make a list of all the instruments and let it guide you as you plan to purchase the microphones.

Types of microphones available

A basic knowledge of the microphones that are in the market will help one as they purchase. One may have seen hundreds of microphones that come in different designs and are said to perform various functions. The fact is there are three categories of microphones. These are the dynamic mic, condenser mic and ribbon mic. The dynamic mic is a versatile mic that is durable and hardy. It is able to withstand high frequency and high sound pressure. These mics can be used to record a range of instruments and also vocals. The instruments include guitar, drums and many more.

Secondly, we have the condenser mics. These mics are very sensitive and are able to capture sounds well. They are the best for vocal recording for they can capture the inflections in the air around a singers mouth. They are also good room mics for they are good at recording background sound. They are also ideal for recording quiet instruments that have soft sounds. For more on this microphones check out cad u37 review. Lastly, are the ribbon microphones. These microphones are able to pick up sound from the instrument and the room the recording is happening.

Consider your budget

recordingFinally, consider your budget. Microphones will range in cost. One needs to look for quality products. Research and read reviews of what clients have said about the product, this will guide in making a decision.…