After spending a lot of money on your laptop computer, you are not done spending yet. You will need to consider some laptop accessories to make your package complete.

Laptop accessories

Laptop bag/case

tgwedcv6ywed7u2829o22As a new member of mobile computing, you should make an oath of safe computing. This starts with purchasing useful laptop accessories. The first one should be a laptop bag. You cannot move from one place to another with your computer laptop exposed to harsh elements. You can spend an estimated amount of $30 for a bag that is made from quality materials. The most vital thing is whether your laptop bag can hold the laptop and other goodies you need while on the move.


Sometimes your laptop will come with the basic software programs. If it does not have the essential software you need to install them. Do not assume that you have everything that you need. You will have to add some software programs and update others that are obsolete.

Real USB mouse

Eraser nubs and trackpads can fill the obvious need. However, the majority of the users will want a real mouse. In any case, you will note the majority of places you will be computing are ideally for a real mouse. Thus, an important laptop accessory you can purchase is a USB mouse, have it in your bag and use it when needed.

Cat5 Ethernet cable

When you get to the hotel room, the built-in port may not work as required. Some hotels provide Ethernet cables, while others do not. It is advisable to be always prepared to have the appropriate cable.

Disposable cleansing cloths

With time, the display of your laptop is going to be dusty or smudgy. If you decide to clean your laptop display with spray cleaners and paper towels, it is like playing casino with your laptop. Rather, you should use disposable cleansing cloths. They are essential accessories, which are meant to clean your laptop display.

USB drive

wedft6vcgw3e7dfcu28i2This is a storage device, which is nearly the size of your thumb and can be plugged directly into the USB port. They are available starting from 1GB to 64GB. They play a vital role in transferring files from one computer to another. Also, it can be used as a temporary backup medium for useful files you create.

Stereo headset

Watching DVD movies and listening to music is possible with a quality headset no matter where you are. Whenever listening or watching music in public, ensure you use your headphones.